[wickedfierce 2023] The Key to Boosting the Confidence of the Private Economy

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On the first working day after the festival, the Fujian Provincial Party Committ...

On the first working day after the festival, the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government held a symposium of private economy representatives. At the meeting, Provincial Party Committee Secretary Zhou Jui demanded that Party committees and governments at all levels treat private enterprises and entrepreneurs as their own people. The next day, the secretary and the governor went to Quanzhou and Fuzhou to conduct an in-depth investigation of the front lines of the enterprises. At the same time, in the first month, in Quanzhou, Putian, Longyan, Ningde and other parts of the province, they held private meetings on economic development or negotiated with private entrepreneurs to develop business plans for this year. planned.

[wickedfierce 2023] The Key to Boosting the Confidence of the Private Economy

Many measures are coming out to welcome the new year, and it is self-evident that the private economy accounts for a large portion of the entire region. From conferences held in many places, to local leaders seeking common development with representatives of the private economy, to regional leaders entering deeper into the ranks of enterprises, they are all party committees and regional governments. Inheriting, promoting, innovating and developing the "Jinjiang Experience", promoting the rapid development of private enterprises.

Fujian is a great province of private economy and one of the first birthplaces of private economy. Private enterprises are an important pillar of the provincial economic development, an important subject of innovation, entrepreneurship and construction, and an important force for improving people's welfare. . and improvement. The private economy is stable, and the economy of Fujian Province is stable. The private economy is strong, and the Fujian economy is strong. All the development of the province and the basic needs of the people are closely related to many individuals. It benefits from the development and growth of business and private economies.

The key to developing the private economy is to increase self-confidence.

Where Does Your Confidence Come From?

"This comes from the interest and support of the private sector, the long-term foundation of the national economy and the good pace of Fujian economic development, the good tradition of Fujian, which emphasizes, supports and loves enterprises, and the spirit of the Fujian people's courage, relentless struggle and victory. Qualities" Zhou Zui hit the nail on the head at the Symposium on Representatives of Civilian Economy. Whether it is the basic policy of the central government, the economic foundation of Fujian, or the fighting spirit embedded in Fujian's bones, it supports the basic foundation of the private economy.

How does trust grow?

The point is that local party committees and governments at all levels think about what private enterprises think, private enterprises are urgently needed, solve real problems for enterprises, and help enterprises eliminate problems.

Implement equal requirements for enterprises and fair competition not only at the macro level, but also in accordance with the system and law; and profit. In addition, in the implementation process, it is necessary to carry out "decentralization, management and service" reform, accelerate the construction of Fujian more conveniently, innovate the digital government service model, and continuously improve the convenience and satisfaction of enterprises in business processing. Managers at all levels in the region "study deeply to strive for excellence, dare to be the first and strive for results", actively communicate with service entrepreneurs, and often enter the forefront of enterprises to understand and solve their situation You should. . The specific problems of the enterprise in a purposeful way.

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