Launch Preparation

Are you here? You shouldn’t be yet. This site isn’t live yet.

How’d you even find me anyway?

In preparation for the hard launch, I’ve updated the “About” section, and since it’s relevant I’m making it a post too. For all the people here for the soft launch.

Curious about the launch joke? Watch Ocean’s Thirteen. (After Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve, obviously)

About Wicked Fierce:

What is Wicked Fierce?

Honey, am I glad you asked…

Simply put, it’s just me. *Name Redacted*. See, I was having trouble keeping two pen names straight (Ginny Lurcock and Lola Rayne). I had no idea where the line should be drawn between the two. Did one only publish YA? Was one where I published all my darker stories? Is one the author who says all the dirty words about Ds entering Vs? I still don’t know. Worse, this means I never know what to post where.

Well, more so than usual. I still don’t know what to make a blog post about versus FB status updates versus tweets, but I figure that’ll sort itself out.

The important thing is, I now have one blog where I can ramble about random things while keeping you up to date on my writings and the game I’m totally going to create with *name redacted* someday. (That’s my husband. You know him as Phineas/Bruce)

What game?

Well it’s a pen and paper RPG I’m creating for … oh will you look at that, we’re out of time. *vanish* (meaning that aside from naming it and coming up with classes, I’ve gotten nowhere. Eventually it’ll happen. Someday. Maybe.)


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