Uhm … guys?

You know how everyone’s always telling you that now is not the time to panic?

Well …


And here’s why:

So this morning I opened the seating chart for the Queen City Author Event that’s happening this Saturday in Manchester New Hampshire. I mean, I’d looked at it before. Noted I was sitting next to Jena and moved on with my life. This time though, this time I looked at who was on the other side of me.

Jessica Park.

Huh, I think to myself, where do I know that name from?

Oh, that’s right, I’d just her AmazonKDP Author Success Story video.

Because she’s a best selling author. One who’s book is on my to read pile.

There is a time to freak out people, and that time is now.

Why? Well let me provide you with this bullet point list:

  • Jessica Park is pretty. I don’t know how to act around pretty people.
  • Jessica Park is famous. I don’t know how to act around famous people.
  • I’ve read the sample of Flat-Out Love, which means it’s only a matter of time before my brain forces me to finish the book.
    When I met Liv Morris after finishing “Adam’s Apple” … well the less said about that, the better.
  • There were more bullet points, but I re-read the sample of Flat-Out Love and forgot the rest…

Guys, you have to come and see me. There needs to be a constant stream of people at my table to stop me from acting like a jackass while talking to my neighbor.

Or, at the very least, pick yourself up a copy of Flat-Out Love and after you get that signed, swing by my booth and give me a pity “can you sign this post card you provided.” I’m not above signing pity autographs

Get your *FREE* tickets now


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