Write all the things

So we’re over halfway through NaNo. I’m behind, but not tragically so. Instead of 1667 words a day, I need to write something like 2,000. And, as I said earlier on facebook I’m also in the middle of several projects. One of those is working on my publishing schedule for next year. And I struggle with these. In fact, that’s why I never do them. Well I do, but six minutes later I’ve thrown it out in a little snit.

See, I always want to write series. Stand alones are just not my thing. Ironic considering I started out writing short stories. But that’s not the point now. I start all these series (Bad Blood, The Monster Within, A Stray in the Night, The Adventures of the Dread Pirate Lydia, Min, my NaNo project … ) but then I want to start a new project instead of finishing the thing I’ve already started working on. If I was a meme, this would be me:

Actually, that's a lie. I'm not blonde.
Actually, that’s a lie. I’m not blonde.

When I first hit publish on The Monster Within, I thought I was the shit. Now I know that I had no idea what it meant to be in the business of being an author. And I apologize for that to anyone and everyone who has supported me in the last two years. I am learning, though. I’m getting better. Which is why I’m letting you know I do have a plan for next year. I’ll write the sequel to Min. It’s all in my head, I’ve just got to put it down on paper. I’ll pick up Bad Luck and finally give it what for. I’ll totally rework the follow up to The Monster Within. Totally rework it. The only things worth keeping are the sex scenes, I’m not even joking. And I’m going to finish this witchy supernatural thriller I’ve got going on for NaNo.

Now I just have to worrying about editing all of it.


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