So … about that

I made this promise to myself to update my site daily. And then when that fell through, to update it several times a week.

Really, still a no go? Okay, at the very least, once a week …

The thing is, there’s a laundry basket in my computer chair, and ain’t no one got time to deal with that kind of hassle when they get home from work. So instead I’ve been curling up in bed and reading Harry Potter slashfiction. (Drarry is my OTP, FYI)

In apology … to myself I guess, since I’m the only one I promised, here’s a song. That’s stuck in my head.

Enjoy, and be prepared for more inanity as I PREPARE TO MOVE THE LAUNDRY BASKET OUT OF MY CHAIR. And, as such, will be posting a shit ton more and making stupid little images as I go.


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