Brilliant ideas at way too early o’clock: I’ll start reviewing again.

brilliant buttonSo sometime between Christmas and New Year I was sort of in a slump. With work being slow thanks to our customers and partners being on vacation, I set about wrapping up the old year and looking forward to the new one. And this was when I had my brilliant idea.

“I’ll log into Netgalley and pick up a few titles for review.”

Nothing good ever comes from me going to Netgalley. Oh sure, I pick up some titles that I get to read for free in exchange for a review. Some of them have even been really exceptional titles. The thing is, I’ve never been known for having anything resembling self-control. So despite my vow to only select one book per week … I quickly got myself into trouble.

“Well … I can pick two titles for the first week in March, because it’s like … months away.”

I’m eloquent when I’m justifying my stupidity, as you can see. Yes, March is quite literally months away, but that doesn’t mean I can spend all my time between now and then reading. I have to do things like write my own book, beta a couple of titles for friends, spend time with my family. Oh, and eat, sleep, and work my day job. But still, two titles being released months from now was only the next step down my slippery slope. I should’ve recognized that last hand hold for what it was. But I didn’t.

I didn’t…

“Well … I can request two titles for the same day mid-January because I might not be approved for both of them.”

Really “Owl and the Japanese Circus” is to blame for all my woes. (I never take the blame for being a moron, FYI). See, I had already selected a title for the second full week in January. That title was “Steam me up, Rawley.” A Steampunk romance with a name that spoofs Star Trek. It was a done deal. But I couldn’t stop myself from navigating back to Owl. Something about that title simply called to me. And part of me is glad that it did. Owl was an amazing book and I enjoyed it more than Steam, which is saying something because I really liked Steam … but …

“Oh fuck it … let me just request anything that looks remotely interesting”

That’s not an actual quote. That is what I’m assuming I must have been thinking now that I’m kind of fucked. Actually, there’s no “kind of” about it. I have been approved for over seventy titles. SEVENTY. And that’s not counting all the stuff I’d requested before my reviewing hiatus. I only started requesting titles on the 26th of December, how did this even happen?

It happened because I had a brilliant idea at way too early o’clock.


Ginny Lurcock

Ginny Lurcock is fucked, because she’s a fucking idiot. To read more by Ginny, wait six months because that’s how long it’s going to fucking take her to fucking read throw the fucking backlog of fucking books she’s accumulated.


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