But why?

(so I’ve had the thought to start treating my blog as if it was a journal. I was on allergy medicine when I thought it up, so it might not be a good idea. In fact, it might be in the “brilliant idea at way too early o’clock” range of ideas. Why am I going with it anyway?

I have no justification. So I’m going to claim it’s because I’m still on allergy meds.)

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Dearest blog,

Today is Wednesday the 13th, and I find myself wondering why it is Friday the 13th gets the bad rap. Wrap? Rep? No, I’m pretty sure it’s bad rap.

Well, no matter what it is, I’m still confused.

See, the thing is, no matter how unlucky any given Friday the 13th is, it’s still Friday. The last day of the work week. Well, for schlubs like me who work office jobs and have the weekend off. By this logic, Friday the 13th must be better than, say, Wednesday the 11th.

Especially since Wednesday is quite possibly the worst day of the week. And I don’t mean because of the stupid camel commercials. You see, Wednesday is equidistant between last weekend and next weekend. Any good vibes from last weekend are long gone, but you can’t quite get amped for this weekend, because you still have two days of misery before you get there.

Plus, I almost always think it’s Thursday on Wednesday these days.

And it is because of this, that I’m going to start being skerred of Wednesday the 13th instead of Friday. Any Friday. Even Black Friday.

All there is left to do now, is scream and run away.



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