Basically, there is only one option

Dearest blog,

After dicking around for way to long, I finally went shopping for a dress for Marc’s wedding. It’s not that this wasn’t important, I adore Marc as if he were my own brother and Alisa is just perfect for him.

I just fucking hate dress shopping.

Which is why I did it online.

Don’t look at me like that, blog. You’re awfully judgey for a window I type text into.

Anyway, I found this totally cute dress at a “reasonable” price. Of course this meant that I had to suffer through the indignity of measuring myself. Which I somehow managed to fuck up. I know, because when I got the dress it was at least two sizes too big. I could send it back … or I could just eat more until the dress fits.

Guess which option I choose?

Damn Skippy
Damn Skippy

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