Sticky Note #2

Have you read “Taking the Heat” by Victoria Dahl yet? If not, let me recommend it. It’s basically the perfect summer romance read. (Check out my full review here)

Now that you’ve read the book, since I’m sure you dropped everything to read my review, buy the book, and then devour it, let me get back to my original point. I’ve decided to take a page out of Veronica’s play book and start writing little pieces of advice to myself in hopes I’ll follow it. I don’t have sticky notes and a fridge on me, so I’ve decided to do the next best thing and make images for them. I’ll be posting one a day for the work week, so hold on to your asses.


I’m reading (do not allow time for the shocked gasps that are not coming) a new book that is just adorable and hilarious. I go to check out other books written by the author and find the first new adult title comes with a warning. This isn’t YA, she says, but never fear, there are no sex scenes. I don’t write those.

Fuck this bitch, I think to myself as I close out of the book. Then I think of my beloved Liz Long. She doesn’t enjoy sex scenes, a fact she’s stated many times. I adore Liz. Simply love her to pieces. I don’t judge her for not wanting to read or write hardcore erotica and she doesn’t judge me because I do read and right scenes of a more graphic and intimate nature. So maybe I should assume this author’s statement was less about her judging me, and more about something else. Anything else. Fuck, for all I know it was because New Adult has become synonymous with hardcore pornography, and she’s protecting herself from potential backlash she might face for not including smut.

Maybe I should just stop making assumptions all together.


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