If the MCU was cast exclusively* with Olympic swimmers

*and a few other Olympians I don’t want to leave out…

So as you may be aware, I am a fangirl. I wear this label proud. It’s as much of my personality as being a wife, a mother, and queer. Near the top of my all time favorite things to lose my mind over are the Olympics and Marvel fandom. Because of this, while live tweeting Olympics coverage I’ve ended up casting swimmers in roles in the MCU. And tonight, someone encouraged me…

Never encourage me…

But the lovely Elyssa Patrick did, and so a blog post we have. (I don’t own any images of any of these swimmers, so I’m linking to their NBC Olypmics profiles)

Adam Peaty as Namor the Submariner: While Namor isn’t in the MCU (yet, fingers crossed) this is where it all started. It was call him Namor or accuse him of being part fish.

Michael Phelps as Captain America: You have to go with the man who has won the most medals (and the most Gold medals) ever. For anyone. A goddamned national hero. In fact, he is so incredible that when he got a silver, the commentators sounded as shocked as if Phelps had pulled down his swimsuit and took a dump in the pool.

Cody Miller as Bucky Barnes: Did you see his hair? It’s Bucky. He’s Bucky. End of.

Ryan Lochte as Hawkeye: I could’ve cast an archer as Hawkeye. God knows I tried to recruit enough of them earlier in the week to be new Hawkeyes. A whole team of Hawkeyes. We need more Hawkeyes… Where was I going with this? OH YEAH! Lochte came out with what is possibly the most shocking hair transformation I’ve seen in any Olympics. A little weird, a little offensive, and a lot of ability that tends to be underestimated, Lochte’s got Hawkeye in the bag.

Anthony Ervin as Ant-Man: Anthony Ervin had actually quit swimming back in 2003. Evidently ran into some hard times, and eventually came back to swimming to get his life back together. A hero in his own right winning a medal at age 35, he also was on the men’s freestyle relay team. Older, key member of a team, and turning his life around. Ant-Man.

Mitch Larkin as Bruce Banner: The Australian swimmer took the silver in the men’s 200m breaststroke and I was shocked to discover on the podium that he wears glasses. And is adorkable. And that’s apparently all I need to cast Bruce Banner.

I wanted to find a Thor, a Falcon, and a Warmachine but I was tired. On the flipside, I wanted to find something for Gregorio Paltrinieri who was the first Italian to win the 1500M freestyle. He could’ve counted for Thor, but it distinctly not blonde and not quite tall enough. Though winning the 1500M does make him pretty mighty…


But wait, what about the women? Oh honey, I am so glad you asked. While there is a noticeable lack of female characters and especially female characters of color, I’ll make due. Though please take note, MCU. I’ve done your casting job for you.

Lily King as Black Widow: King was not impressed with Efimova (who had been disqualified from competing until that ruling was overturned) after her behavior in her Semi-final race. She made this known with a glare and a gesture. Not backing down, she told interviewers she was not impressed. Proving she could walk the walk as well as talk the talk, she went on the win the event.

Katie Ledecky as Captain Marvel: She crushes world records and the patriarchy and is my new personal hero. A team mate admitted that while training alongside men, they tended to get into little snits when Ledecky would beat them. When asked to comment on “breaking” them, she commented that she didn’t notice. She was too busy doing her job. /faint

Simone Manuel as Storm: Storm is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, and yet is so often overlooked for fuck knows what reason. So who better to represent Storm than Simone Manuel, the woman who took the stereotype that black people can’t swim and kicked it right in it’s asshole winning the first individual medal by a black American swimmer and tying for the Olympic record in the 100m freestyle.

Simone Biles as Spectrum: Spectrum can change her body density and control most forms of Energy. Biles is pure energy and does things that defy physics. An inspiration to girls everywhere, Biles had to make my AU-MCU and I couldn’t imagine a better character for her. Fuck, Spectrum’s uniform even looks like a gymnastics uniform

Aly Raisman as Agent Carter: I am a hardcore Raisman fangirl, and I would remiss to not include her. The woman who is consistently underestimated and always sneaks into the all-around finals, Raisman works hard and is nearly flawless at all times. Just like Agent Carter.


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