I like to tell people that Wicked Fierce is the brain child of my husband and me, but really it’s more like I dragged him kicking and screaming into the blogosphere. Something about not being a writer, or some such nonsense. I tried to explain to him it doesn’t matter, that half the writers in the world can’t write … but …

Listen, he’ll be happy when we’re drinking champagne out of someone’s shoe.

Though, to be honest, I don’t really like champagne and the idea of drinking out of something that was just touching some random person’s toes …

I think I got off topic somewhere …

Wicked Fierce is where Ginny and Phineas share ourselves with you. Our passions, our pains, our projects. All in one tidy little package right here on the web. Check us out, stay awhile. You might just find you like it here.

Meet the Wicked Fierce Crew:

Ginny Lurcock/Lola RaynePhineas LurcockGenevieve Dorothy LurcockParanoia

Ginny ButtonGinny Lurcock/Lola Rayne: Do I have to type this in the third person. It makes me feel so fucking weird to do that. And like, what am I even supposed to say about myself? Does the internet care that I rock Hufflepuff pajamas? That I’ll spend hours discussing problems in comic universes? That I have long campaigned on the stance that there’s enough room in the average person’s heart to love Star Wars and Star Trek?

Or do they want to know that I’m a thirty-something married queer woman with a small to medium sized child who is full of sass and stubbornness? (She gets that from her father.) That I wear the labels SJW and Feminist with pride because goddamnit I want to leave this world a better place than I found it. At least socially, since you know, I’m not giving up eatting meat.

Perhaps you want to–

*beep*If you want to rerecord your message–

Ah, fuck it. I’m going with that up there. Find me on Twitter, you’ll get a pretty good idea of the person I am. Spastic, full of spunk and rage, and pretty sure you hate me.

phineas lurcockPhineas Lurcock: So as I was trying to get this page finished, I needed some input from Phin. What avatar do you want? What should your blurb say? But he kept falling asleep mid conversation … so I’m just making shit up.

Phineas Lurcock is a loving husband and doting father, even if he is a bit absent-minded. Though to hear him tell it, that’s the ADHD’s fault. A consummate smartass with a dangerously high IQ, he lives to push buttons. Two of my favorite stories of his are from second grade. He was six and abhorred his teacher. I can’t blame him, I had the same teacher and I hated that bitch too. First, he told her he couldn’t read. The teacher told the principal, the principal called his mother. In their conference, the teacher called Phin stupid. And you should never insult Phin in front of his mother. She asked him why he would lie about reading, to which he replied with a shrug that he thought he wouldn’t have to if they believed he couldn’t. She then asked the teacher who was stupid now. Later in the year, while the bitch from hell (my words, not his) was out of the room, he encouraged all the other students to stand on their desks. They didn’t know why, their older sisters hadn’t shown them The Dead Poet’s Society, but he knew. He knew.

A voracious reader, he’ll absorb anything that interests him. He even read the bible in ninth grade. Though, again, I think that was more smartassery than anything else. He also will watch any movie, listen to any music, and play any game. Genres are meaningless to him, just as long as it’s of quality. Or, in the case of the campy horror movies he loves to watch, bad done right.

And somehow that turned out loving instead of snarky. Son of a bitch.

Genevieve Dorothy Lurcock (she insisted on using that middle name, FYI) is what would happen if Ginny and Phineas got together and had a child. No literally, since that’s what we did and that’s who she is. I like to tell people she’s equal parts Phineas and Ginny with just a smidgen of Ginny’s sister thrown in and then all of that is cranked up to eleven. She’s sassy, she’s snarky, she’s stubborn, and I’m almost positive she’ll take over the world someday.

paranoia buttonParanoia: You know that insidious little voice inside your head that constantly is telling you that you’re being a jackass? Well I have conversations with mine. In the interest of making these conversations easier to understand when I transcribe them all to you, I decided to name her. And in honor of the old Red Dwarf episode “Confidence and Paranoia,” I picked Paranoia.

Haven’t seen that one? Well let me share with you the most relevant quote:

Rimmer: Well, if you hate him, why do you talk about him so much?

Paranoia: Because he makes my life one big, humiliating, cringe-making, guilt-ridden *hell*!

Yeah, that’s her all right.


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