Hello and welcome to Wicked Fierce.
(Watch your step, there are pitfalls everywhere)

If you have a moment, let me show you around. Here on this site we have:

  • The Whole Shebang: Everything I’ve posted in blog format for all time. Exactly as advertised.
  • News: News, Updates, and a collection of Wicked Fierce shit
  • Fandom: Geeking out at a semi-professional level
  • Fam: The trials and tribulations of two smartasses raising another smartass. Dear god, what have we done.
  • Words: Random pieces of writing I’ve posted to the site (broken down further down below)
    • Non-Fiction: Essays, think pieces, open letters, and reactionary tales
    • Little Fictions: Flash fiction, short stories, and truly awful attempts at poetry.
    • Many words:

Elsewhere on the web we’ve got: