[wickedfierce 2023] Optimizing the business environment has become a first move

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After the Lunar New Year, major economic circles have successively issued "...

After the Lunar New Year, major economic circles have successively issued "No. 1 document" or held "New Year's first meeting" and announced a series of strict measures such as improving the business environment, expanding investment, and stimulating consumption. Attempt

[wickedfierce 2023] Optimizing the business environment has become a first move

"The core of economic development advocated by economic powerhouses is stabilizing the economy, stimulating growth, improving quality and expanding scale. The main objective." Song Xiangqing, deputy director of the Government Administration Research Institute and director of the Center for Industrial Economics Research, told the "Securities Daily" reporter, along with the continuous efforts of a series of policies to stabilize the economy in the main direction. The Economic Province believes that our country's economic activity will continue the trend of "recovery" and maintain a "stable economy". future

After the festival ends, economically strong regions continue to prioritize business environments. For example, on January 28, 2023, Shanghai held a city-wide conference on improving the business environment and released the "Shanghai Municipal Action Plan for Strengthening Integrated Innovation and Continuous Improvement of the Business Environment" on the same day. A first-class corporate environment that creates points, 195 challenges and small practices is the first step to increasing trust, stabilizing expectations, and stabilizing growth.

On the same day, the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee convened a meeting and stated that we must resolutely promote reform, accelerate high-quality and effective reform as an advanced province, and make great progress in optimization and development. improvement of work. Create a business environment, create the best public affairs, rule of law, market and economic ecology, humanistic environment, so that Zhejiang Province has the best business environment, the most efficient public service, and the most responsible region with trade and investment. workforce, strongest legal protections and healthiest economic ecosystems.

According to Xi Houji, senior investment consultant at Jufeng Investment Consulting, the business environment is the foundation for economic growth and enterprise development. On the first business day after the Lunar New Year holiday, optimistic expectations for the first quarter economy increased as the provinces, which are major economic powers, focused on improving the business environment and paid political dividends to stabilize the economy.

At the same time, major economic regions have successively adopted important documents to plan and resume economic activity for the year. For example, on January 29, Shanghai released the "Shanghai Action Plan to Boost Confidence, Expand Demand, Stabilize and Stimulate Growth", which includes 10 measures to restore and increase consumption and effectively expand investment. and proposed 32 policy actions. The specific measures are to promote widespread consumption of automobiles and household appliances, and provide financial support of 10,000 yuan per vehicle to individual consumers until the end of June this year to purchase clean electric vehicles and give consumers 10%. Payment by the end of June of this year., consists of. On the same day, the Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission and other departments jointly issued the "Zhejiang Province Action Plan to Accelerate the Development of the New Energy Vehicle Industry" to expand the consumption of new energy vehicles. .

In Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces, the 'New Year's first meeting' was held one after another and a list of tasks was presented. On January 28th, the Provincial Quality Development Conference was held in Guangdong Province. The depth of construction of major projects and major platforms, the real economic claim to production, the role of financial "living water" to strengthen high power - the qualitative development of the real economy Square; On the same day, the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee held a meeting and declared that all efforts should be made to build the project, and all measures should be taken to attract and implement the project. Promote surface projects, accelerate technology development, and continuously promote projects under construction.

Song Xiangqing said that the first quarter coincided with the peak consumption season of the Chinese New Year, and he expects transportation, tourism, retail trade, food, housing and other service industries to promote rapid growth and improve the overall economy.

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