[wickedfierce 2023] Total business trade increased by 12.9% year-on-year

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On January 30, the Ministry of Commerce released data that the country's tra...

On January 30, the Ministry of Commerce released data that the country's trade in services will grow rapidly in 2022. The total import and export of services this year reached 5.98019 trillion yuan (the same as last year), an increase of 12.9% over the period. Among them, exports of services were 2.852224 trillion yuan, an increase of 12.1%, imports of 3.12795 trillion yuan, an increase of 13.5%, and a deficit of 275.71 billion yuan.

[wickedfierce 2023] Total business trade increased by 12.9% year-on-year

Xiao Benhua, deputy director of the Free Trade Zone Institute of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance, told Securities Daily reporter that China's services trade will develop steadily in 2022, when the growth rate is relatively high. The trade in services structure will continue to be refined and enhanced. And trade in services will balance imports and exports.

Exports and imports of knowledge-intensive services are expected to continue to grow in 2022, according to officials from the Commerce Department's Bureau of Services and Trade. Computing and information services will grow 17.5% and 13%, respectively, with the fastest growing sector being insurance services with a growth rate of 35.8%. Shows the overall recovery trend of tourism services. The annual import and export of tourism services reached 855.98 billion yuan, an increase of 8.4 percent.

In Xiao Benhua's view, the steady growth in the import and export of knowledge-based services is due to both supply and demand. and with policy support on the supply side The global competitiveness of knowledge-based services in our country continues to grow. on the demand side We can see that global demand for knowledge-based services has increased over the past few years.

Liu Xiangdong, deputy director of economic research at the China International Economic Exchange Center, on how to optimize the import and export structure of services. told the "Securities Daily" reporter that in order to meet the previously announced strong demand high level of the country - Quality development. For this reason, research and development design should be expanded. Energy conservation and carbon reduction environmental services medical service and other services and second Exports of traditional services such as tourism and transport should be expanded. enhancing efficiency and coordination in epidemic prevention and control; expand exports of cultural services Traditional Chinese Medicine Services and other services specific to China

in the past few years Many have stated that they will continue to develop the service economy and promote the development of high-quality service trade. He said at a press conference of the Shanghai municipal government that in 2023, Shanghai will vigorously promote the innovation development of services trade. Implementing comprehensive promotion of pilot projects that penetrate innovation and comprehensive development of trade in services. and is committed to building a national pilot zone for innovation and development of trade in services. Enhance the capabilities of the national service export base, such as digital services. and promote the transformation and advancement of outsourcing services focused on industries such as biopharmaceutical, information technology, and integrated circuits.

Xiao Penhua said that looking to 2023, China's services trade is expected to maintain a stable overall development. The import and export of travel services will grow rapidly. It is recommended to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's service trade in the future. and actively developing new forms of trade such as digital trade and cross-border trade.

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