[wickedfierce] Neighbors help each other to live happily

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As the 'family' of mentally ill neighbors and the 'active uncle'...

As the 'family' of mentally ill neighbors and the 'active uncle' in everyone's hearts, his charitable activities over the past 20 years have warmed people's hearts. His quality of helping others was praised.

[wickedfierce] Neighbors help each other to live happily

He was named Tang Jin-su, a retired employee of the 3rd division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Army, 15th Regiment in Longan City and 44th Regiment in Tumusuk City, and was named Tang Jin-su in the third quarter of 2022. "List of good people in China" of Central Civilization and get rewarded "Help others is a good person."

Tang Jinxiu (first from right) wearing Lin Moubao, photo of interviewee.

Every time the company mentions Lin Mo Bao, they will naturally think of Dang Jin Su, and similarly, when talking about Dang Jin Su, everyone will think of Lin Mo Bao.

In 1982, due to family accidents and other reasons, Lin Mubao became mentally ill, and the military, military, and neighbors provided help. As a neighbor, Tang Jinxiu always paid close attention to Lin Moubao, often sending him food and clothing.

“Lin Moubao has lived in our company for many years. People gave him food and clothes, but he grew old. Being alone was very difficult. I want to take him home and be with us.” 2003 In 2010, Tang Jinxiu took Lin Moubao to his house to look after him as his children had already married and started a business.

Later, the door to Lin Mo Bao's room was broken, Dang Jin Su repaired it in time, and Im Mo Bao's bed was broken. He picked cotton and bought a new bed for Lin Mo Bao. Then he created a new bedding for the bed: Lin Moubao's bed. Before winter arrived, he added insulation to the house's exterior windows.

In July 2015, Lin Mubao went out alone and got lost, and Tang Jinshu immediately contacted the company to find him. During this time he could neither eat nor sleep well. Two days later, Lin Moubao was finally found at the 49th Regiment Flood Control Station.

After this incident, Tang Jinshu paid more attention to Lin Moobao's movements. After returning from the daily scene, the first thing he did was to go to Lin Moobao's room to see if he was there, if he came back, and what happened. It was to make sure it was there. , Over time, it becomes a habit Tang Jinxiu said: If only I could see him walking around the company every day. I was relieved that everyone knew him if he needed anything. Everyone will contact me."

In April 2020, Tang Jinxiu's wife, Li Fengying, died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage. As Tang Jinxiu grew older, the children working outside planned to take care of him so Tang Jinxiu was still worried about Lin Moubao. other people"

Now, it has been nearly 20 years since Tang Jinxiu took Lin Moubao home and cared for him. In addition to taking care of Lin Moubao, Tang Jinxiu helped his neighbors whenever possible. Sharing his experience of growing cotton with new employees and sharing the vegetables he grows with neighbors, he often says, “Only neighbors can live happily together.”

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