[wickedfierce 2023] Your pet cat might really understand what you say

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When you pet your cat's soft fur and whisper in your ear, you subconsciously...

When you pet your cat's soft fur and whisper in your ear, you subconsciously regard it as a friend. Cats can't communicate directly with humans with words, but at least they want to listen.

[wickedfierce 2023] Your pet cat might really understand what you say

A recent study found that pet cats can actually hear us. A new study in animal cognition finds that cats actually listen when you talk to them, Scientific American reports.

"Meow stars" aren't really cool

In this study, for the first time, researchers recorded audio recordings of domestic cat owners and strangers in different tones. The tone of communication with a cat is similar to talking to a child by repeating certain sentences loudly and briefly. The researchers then recorded videos before, during, and after a series of recordings of each cat's owners and strangers, and used software to track how the cats responded to the words. The results showed that pet cats responded significantly to recordings of owners speaking in cat-to-cat tones, but not to recordings of owners speaking in normal tones or to recordings of all strangers' tones. Thus, researchers concluded that pet cats can hear their owners.

"Some people still think cats are independent, aloof and incapable of bonding with cats," said Charlotte Demozon, an animal ethologist and feline ethologist at the University of Nanterre in Paris, France, who conducted the study. A real relationship." While some may find it silly and awkward to speak in a certain tone to a cat, de Mouzon says, "People don't have to feel that shame anymore." You have the right. " she said.

Dogs are more compassionate than cats

This study of pet cats follows a similar study of dogs that concluded that a small number of highly intelligent dogs can also learn human language. A study published in the journal Scientific Reports in 2021 found that some dogs learn the specific vocabulary of objects very well.

Researchers at Loren University in Budapest, Hungary, found that in tests conducted under carefully controlled conditions, most dogs struggled to learn names of objects, while a small number of gifted dogs excelled at learning vocabulary and picked up numerous toys. learned Researchers selected 40 puppies and adult dogs and put them through an intensive three-month training program. You learned the names of at least 2 dog toys in this program. The training regimen includes daily toy interaction between dog and owner, during which the owner repeats the toy's name several times and receives weekly professional instruction from the dog trainer.

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